Fender Trimming

Fender Trimming

The easiest way to fit larger tires

Whether they're on a lowered street machine or a new SUV, bigger-than-stock tires generally look better. They can also improve the vehicle's performance. Wider treads put more rubber in contact with the road for better handling. Taller tires raise ground clearance, and larger sidewall area usually means more tire flex and a softer ride.

Big Meat Fitment

Many enthusiasts upgrade to new wheels concurrently with oversized tires for a better-looking all-around package. It's often not cheap. And few things are more discouraging than mounting new rolling stock and hearing scraping at the first corner or speed bump. Suspension modifications can often solve tire-clearance problems, but a lower-buck solution is to remove sheetmetal from the fender-wells.

Admittedly, the example shown here isn't the prettiest. The owner of this 4Runner got tired of his aggressive treads contacting the fenders while rock crawling. Since the fender edges were already mangled, the truck's owner decided to radius out the fenders as much as two inches in some areas. Removing a lot less metal than this can likely solve most clearance problems. And, believe it or not, the black 4Runner's fenders started life the same as the white one at the top of this page.

Fender Trimming
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