Exterior Trim Renewal

Restoring the shine on black trim and other flat finishes

A variety of car-care products are available to restore and protect painted finishes against the effects of oxidation, ozone and other atmospheric contaminants. However, waxes and polishes can actually create problems when they're over-applied onto plastic bumper covers and other non-metal trim pieces. Trim renewal products are formulated to cut through errant wax and other surface contaminants.

Trim renewal products are formulated to cut through errant wax and other surface contaminants.


Everyone who has a black bumper cover has watched it fade over time. Oxidation and paint-care products that are inadvertently swirled onto the black surface accelerate this graying.

Car care trim renewal products are formulated to remove this oxidation and protect against further degradation caused by sun, smog, acid rain, other chemicals and airborne contaminants in general. Best of all, many of these dressings will also work on non-black parts: any vinyl, rubber, plastic or other flat-finished exterior trim piece can benefit. Candidates include side moldings, louvers, wiper arms and window trim.


Trim renewal products are easy to use. The accompanying photos show the immediately noticeable differences. Repeat applications will make the trim parts even more brilliant as the product permeates deeper below the surface to renew and protect.


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