Exhaust Manifold Restoration

Exhaust Manifold Restoration

Easy-to-apply manifold coatings provide the perfect finish

For years restorers were at a loss about what to do with cast-iron exhaust manifolds. A few restorers of large, expensive classic cars would send their manifolds out to be coated with porcelain. Although they looked great all smooth and glossy, the porcelain was prone to chipping and, frankly, didn't look factory correct. Many others took the budget approach and simply painted their manifolds with high-temp spray paint. However, the colors never looked natural and the paint didn't last long before the rust started to show through.

A few years ago The Eastwood Company introduced its cast-iron color, Factory Gray High Temp Coating, and restored engine compartments have never looked better. It resists heat up to 1,200 degrees F and maintains a foundry-fresh, gray cast-iron appearance. Best of all, it's reasonably priced and easy to apply in your own garage with nothing more than a wire brush and a paint brush. We've used Eastwood's High Temp Coating ever since it was introduced and are always amazed how well it works.

For photo illustration purposes, we prepped a set of small-block Chevy "rams horn" exhaust manifolds just to show how quick and easy it really is. Eastwood also claims that it works equally well on mild-steel-tube exhaust headers. We will put it to the test on a set of tube headers in the very near future.


The Eastwood Company, P.O. Box 296, Malvern PA 19355-0296, (610) 640-1460, www.eastwoodcompany.com

Exhaust Manifold Restoration
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