Electronic Ignition Install Without Points

Electronic Ignition Install Without Points

Installing an electronic ignition without points

Over the years manufacturers have made a number of changes to the basic internal combustion engine. One of the most important advancements by far was doing away with the contact points and going to electronic ignition. Just as when carburetors were replaced with electronic fuel injection, going to a digital ignition improves drivability and eliminates maintenance.

For owners of older cars who want to benefit from this advancement in technology, a number of aftermarket retrofits are available. For instance, Crane Cams XR-i electronic ignition module is designed to replace conventional breaker points on Chevrolet and Ford V-8 engines.

Just in Time

The kit converts points distributors into fully digital technology. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this system means you won't have to replace or set points again, and it features super accurate ignition timing with a built-in adjustable rev limiter.

So how does it work? According to Crane, the XR-i ignition uses a Hall Effect Sensor to detect the lobes of the distributor points cam. Dwell is controlled by the battery voltage and engine rpm to provide maximum ignition energy and minimum component heating. (Note: Dwell meter readings are meaningless with electronic ignitions and should be ignored.)

The mechanical and vacuum advance mechanisms work the same as with the original breaker points. All of which means, you'll be able to update your ignition system so that it's both pretty and pointless. www.cobraaccessories.com

Electronic Ignition Install Without Points
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