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Survey Names Best 2012 Tire Brands

by Jeff Prescott on

For the twentieth consecutive year, Tire Review has conducted its annual Tire Brand Study tapping North American tire dealers for feedback on various attributes related to the product and manufacturer support. The survey was conducted by telephone, and dealers were only able to comment on brands they sell. The results provide a measuring stick to assessing how the brands compare in store support, and more relevant to consumers, where they stack up in areas such as quality. (Learn more about car tires with our guide, here.)

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For the ninth consecutive year, Michelin takes the cake with top honors in the Product Quality category. For other brands, though, 2012 seemed to reflect less favorably. In 2011, five brands earned a score between 9.0 and 8.8. This year, however, Toyo Tires was able to win second place with a score of just 8.7. Dunlop, for instance, fell from a score of 8.9 to 8.2 in the span of just one year. There are success stories, though: Cooper Tires improved from 8.4 to 8.5 and shot all the way up the rankings from tenth to fifth. Categories that factored into the overall score include: advanced technology, consumer awareness, brand profitability, and merchandise support.

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Being at the frontline for customer satisfaction, retailers have an interesting perspective on quality. If customers are not pleased, rest assured the dealer is the first to know. The list below shows how dealers responded to rating how good each brand is for quality. It is interesting to note that the spectrum of best to worst is less than two points on a 10-point scale. Three brands ranked nine or above, with an average score of 8.4.

Product Quality rankings:

  • 9.4 Michelin
  • 8.7 Toyo Tires
  • 8.6 BFGoodrich
  • 8.5 Bridgestone
  • 8.5 Cooper
  • 8.3 Yokohama
  • 8.2 Dunlop
  • 8.2 Firestone
  • 8.2 Hankook
  • 8.1 Hercules
  • 8.1 Sumitomo
  • 8.1 Uniroyal
  • 8.0 Continental
  • 8.0 Goodyear
  • 8.0 Kumho
  • 8.0 Mastercraft
  • 8.0 Pirelli
  • 7.9 Kelly
  • 7.9 Nexen
  • 7.8 General
  • 7.5 Falken
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