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BMW X5 M50d Combines Speed, Luxury, and Offroad

by Stanley Yee on

The BMW X5 has long been the king of the Sports Activity Vehicle market. The newest version, the X5 M50d, is the latest and greatest package of technology and power in the most peculiar way.

Diesel often conjures up images of big rigs spewing thick black smoke down the highway. New diesel technology, such as what is found in the X5 M50d, has been refined from the common stereotypes.

The 3.0L straight-six diesel found in the X5 M50d features cutting edge diesel technology. BMW has developed a triple turbo setup, which gives the diesel engine a smooth powerband from low revs all the way up to its redline. The engine also uses common rail direct injection, which precisely measures the exact amount of fuel to deliver to the cylinders. The end result is 381 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque, all while increasing fuel mileage by 10 percent over the previous model.

Even on all season tires, the X5 M50d manages to launch from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, enough to keep up with lots of modern sports cars. On the road, the X5 uses a host of BMW systems to stay in line. Power gets delivered through an eight-speed auto to all four wheels, and the suspension is highly adjustable depending on road surfaces. The X5 has air suspension, which can be electronically variable to reduce roll in the corners.

BMW will always be a luxury brand, and evidence of that can be found all over the X5. BMW sprays the X5 with up to seven layers of paint, which puts great depth into the bodywork. Different metallic paint schemes can be ordered, making use of red or gold pigment underneath the body color to create vibrant and rich colors. The X5's interior meshes elements of the luxury market with performance. As expected from nearly every BMW, the X5 is available with a full leather interior. BMW will offer customers the option to select stitching seam and piping colors, reminiscent of the BMW Motorsport stitching on the M3 and M5.

Of course, an X5 would not be and X5 without offroad credibility. The same adjustable suspension that keeps the wheels planted on the road can be catered for offroad use, as well. The available 19 and 20 inch wheels come with all season tires, ensuring the X5 M50d's capability to go anywhere. It's no serious rock crawler, but the X5 will do nearly everything a Sports Activity Vehicle entails. BMW, anticipating this, designed the car to be as functional as possible. The expensive leather interior is protected with weatherproof rubber mats, and storage has been designed with ski/snowboard equipment in mind.

Leave it to the Germans to make a fast, efficient, and capable diesel Sports Activity Vehicle. The competition has some serious work to catch up to BMW.


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