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VIDEO: Documentary on Buick Grand National GNX

by Ryan ZumMallen on

In its early days, Buick made some of the fastest and best performance cars on the (admittedly, dirt) road. We tend to forget that now, more commonly associating the brand with bloated, uninspiring sedans. But speed is embedded into the company’s core, and no car more fully embodied that spirit than the 1987 Grand National GNX.

Now, a new documentary celebrating the spirit of that ultimate sleeper car is nearing completion.

Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary examines the history of the car – nicknamed the GNX – talks with experts and former owners, and reviews its legacy a quarter-century later. Produced and directed by Andrew Filippone Jr., Black Air promises to take viewers inside the car that no one saw coming. The movie has more information on its website and is very active on its Facebook page.


Armed with 276 horsepower from a 3.6L turbocharged V6 engine, the GNX packed a punch that shocked even the most seasoned auto journalists. It looked like a Regal but accelerated like nothing else; it suffered from poor aerodynamic design but frightened children with its rumble and all-black everything. Adding to the frenzy even further, Buick made just 547 examples of the GNX. The Grand National is exactly the car we think of when we say “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

In recent years, Buick has broken from their negative image to produce cars, like the Regal GS, with impressive quality and plenty of grunt. You can almost see the company tapping into the spirit of the Grand National as they forge ahead.

Expect to see more teaser videos leaked out over the next few months. The full documentary will be released on December 11, the twenty-fifth anniversary of production of the final Grand National.

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