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The Nine Best New Cars For Every Kind of Dad on Fathers Day

by Ryan ZumMallen on

That special day to celebrate dad is right around the corner again, and here you are without a gift. Not to worry; dad already has everything he could possibly want under his roof. Maybe just let him relax a little, with a couple of cold ones and some quiet time in his favorite chair for crying out loud. Of course, you could always go the extra mile and really show him how much you care. You would do that for dad, right? Of course you would.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best cars to suit every kind of dad out there. Put that tie back on the rack and let him pick out his own toolbox. If you want to help your father celebrate his day in style, look no further than the list below. 

Team Dad – Ford Flex ($30,885): Without going full Soccer Dad, there are crossovers out there that combine the practicality of a minivan with sporty dynamics or handsome looks. In the Flex, he’ll have seating for seven in a bold package that makes its presence felt while scurrying, ahem, plowing from work to practice. Powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 delivering 18/25 mpg, the Flex has everything you’d want in a typical crossover – minus the stigma. 

Retro Dad – Dodge Charger R/T Max ($36,195): We could have easily added the Challenger R/T here, but retro is all about nostalgia, and nostalgia is about memories. Memories of family trips on the open road. The Challenger has the looks, but he’ll be able to create new memories – and most importantly, pass them onto you – in the Charger. A 5.7L V8 engine packing 370 horsepower sure doesn’t hurt, either. 

Autocross Dad – Scion FR-S ($24,930): Practicality? Who needs it? No one! (Don’t tell your mother we said that.) When it comes down to the come down, dad wants to have fun in his car, and the Scion FR-S is basically fun on four wheels. Go with the 6-speed manual mated to the 200 horsepower boxer-4, and hit the track for some bonding time. Best of all, it’ll remind him of that great car that he used to have until, well, until he became a father. 

Outdoor Dad – Ford F-150 Limited ($MSRP N/A): There’s always been a lot to like about the Ford F-150, but this year America’s best-selling truck adds a new luxury Limited model to the fold with the same can-do attitude dad expects and plenty of new features to keep you both hauling in style. The truck finally gets an EcoBoost engine with a 365 horsepower 3.5L producing 420 lb.-ft of torque and 16/22 mpg. A new-look grille adds extra oomph to the front fascia and the SYNC technology system comes standard, along with an 8” LCD touchscreen. If that’s too posh for his simple tastes, explain what the words “Hill Descent Control” mean. 

Tech Geek Dad – Fisker Karma ($103,000) / Tesla Model S ($95,400): For the dad that can’t stop taking his iPad apart, the two most innovative cars in the world offer plenty of hi-tech gizmos, jibs and jabs to bring out the Silicon Valley in him. The Karma is powered, in part, by regenerative braking and a roof covered in solar panels. Dual electric RWD motors are run by a 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine, and there’s a whopping 10” touchscreen up front. In the Tesla, lithium ion batteries store 85kWh (40 and 60 kWh options coming soon) blasts from 0-60pm in 4.4 seconds and the cabin is controlled by an insane 17” touchscreen. Are they perfect cars? No. Does electric power equate to instant torque? Yes. 

Green Dad – Toyota Prius V ($26,550): With 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space, this is the SUV Prius, perfect for camping trips or carpooling while still attaining the trademark Prius efficiency. The Prius v offers 44/40 mpg from the combined work of a 60kWh battery and 1.8L 4-cylinder engine. It slices through the air without muddying it, thanks to a miniscule 0.29 drag coefficient. 

Racing Dad – BMW M3 (Coupe $60,100): Sure, you could turn to Mustang and Camaro muscle or even Evo and STi value, but for a relative steal you could put dad behind the wheel of a car that he can watch in the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend – without springing for a ZR1 or 911, that is. None of those other cars will give him the option of choosing two or four doors, either, like the M3 does. Rule of thumb: options. Always options.

Business Dad – Audi A8 ($79,625): The award-winning 4.2L FSI V8 engine is a technological marvel and a hoot to drive, as well, even in a big old honkin’ 4409-lb. yacht like the Audi A8. Yeah, your dad doesn’t care about any of that. What tickles his fancy is that the Audi Connect interface turns the car into a WiFi hotspot and comes equipped with Bluetooth capability to create a literal office-on-the-go. It’s also the only car on the list that one can not only drive, but be driven in. 

Mr. Mom Dad – Honda Odyssey ($28,375): This car could not be more acclaimed for what it does. The 2012 Honda Odyssey received enough value, safety and owner satisfaction awards to fill all 148.5 feet of interior cargo space. Spring for the rear-facing entertainment system, or make the kids rough it on those long road trips like you did way back when.


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Which car suits your dad the best on his special day? Let us know in the comments below.