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Ford Could Introduce 1.0L 3-Cylinder Engine To U.S. Models

by Ryan ZumMallen on

In recent years, Ford has taken a lot of chances that have paid off handsomely, especially when it comes to small cars and fuel efficiency. They’ve succeeded where others have failed in producing small, exciting engines – especially with the EcoBoost. Their new Focus and Fiesta models have been very well received, and the redesigned Fusion already has customers lining up for its arrival.

So it’s no surprise that Ford may be willing to walk out onto a limb yet again. Recently, Autoweek reported that Ford could introduce their 1.0L 3-Cylinder engine, popular in the European market, to their U.S. models like the Fiesta and Focus.

To prove that the engine – absolutely tiny in American standards – has the muscle to make it in the Land of Opportunity, Ford took a few 3-cylinder-equipped Focuses to a French test track and promptly set 16 new world records.

Elsewhere in the world, Ford uses the small engine in the Focus, C-MAX and B-MAX models. When Ford began producing the engine in September 2011, they indicated a willingness to eventually bring it to North America. A trip to the United States could only do good things for a nation that suddenly found itself thirsting for relief at the pump.

The 1.0L 3-cylinder is a direct-injection, turbocharged EcoBoost powerplant that responds so quickly it virtually eliminates turbo lag. Twin variable camshaft timing harnesses the engine’s power with very little wasted energy. In the European Focus and C-MAX, the engine is available with Start-Stop technology, Active Grille Shutter and Ford Smart Regenerative Charging to increase fuel efficiency.

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