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Five Auto Tumblrs We Like This Week: Corvettes & Candy Paint

by Jessica Matsumoto on

People who say that young people aren’t into cars are just plain wrong, and the micro-blogging site Tumblr is proof – here are five auto-themed Tumblr pages we really like this week.

well isn’t that nice

The title is self-explanatory. It is simply beautiful pictures of beautiful cars (i.e. classic and not so classic Ferraris and Lamborghinis) that make you sit back in your chair, sigh, and remark, “Well, isn’t that nice,” after a sip of herbal tea. Yes. Nice, indeed. [well isn't that nice]


Glimpses of Fords, Plymouths, and Cadillacs from the bygone era of drive-ins and daddy-os. Sometimes roached out, sometimes restored, but always awesome. A warning to our audience in the office: blaring Motown music ahead. [192-168-1-1]


A newer tumblr with tons of potential, this minimalist blog appreciates cars for their eclectic design. Also for you design nuts, great off-topic articles such as furniture or interior design. This writer left with a new appreciation for Studebakers and Opels. [asaucerfulofwheels]

Corvette Blogger

Vettes, Vettes, Vettes, Vettes. Vettes by a plane. Vettes near a train. Vettes over here. Vettes over there. Would you like some Vettes to view? Yes, we would -- we thought you knew. [Corvette Blogger]

Cooler Than Before

Are you a car buff who loves vintage beauties? Or are you a hipster who likes old things because they feel “authentic and real?"  This tumblr is an ode to all automobiles (and a few airplanes) old and cool. Beautiful old school Alfa Romeos, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benzes abound. Our ironic Japanese owl mugs overfloweth. [Cooler Than Before]


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