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Driving Green: Valvoline NextGen Recycled Oil

by Jerry Smith on

Reuse, recycle, reduce applies not just to glass, paper, and aluminum cans, it applies to oil, as well. With more than 3 billion quarts of motor oil consumed by cars and trucks in the U.S. Each year, used oil is a valuable resource––too valuable to throw away. So Valvoline has created NextGen oil to take advantage of these untapped reserves.

The oil part of oil, called the base stock, doesn’t wear out, but the additives––usually accounting for about 15 percent of a finished motor oil––do, and when they do it’s time to change oil. Along with it comes the sludge and contaminants that build up in used oil. But because the molecules in the base stock don’t wear out, they’re reusable.

The recycled oil in Valvoline’s NextGen goes through a multi-stage refining process to remove the contaminants and worn-out additives and create fresh base oil. Then fresh additives are blended in to create new motor oil that’s ready for duty in your car or truck.

Because NextGen is 50 percent recycled oil, it reduces the amount of energy needed to find, drill, transport, and refine crude oil. Recycled oil uses 56 percent fewer resources compared to oil made without recycle content. Valvoline says NextGen could reduce the need for 1.6 billion quarts of oil every year.

NextGen is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), and is approved by all major car manufacturers for use in their engines. Valvoline recommends changing oil every 3000 miles, and that interval extends to NextGen, too. Valvoline’s Engine Guarantee covers your engine if it fails, and if you have 125,000 miles or less, using Valvoline NextGen can give you an engine guarantee up to 225,000 miles.

NextGen oil is becoming available in more locations every day. Click here to find a retailer or service location carrying NextGen.

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