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Build Your Own 2014 Range Rover Sport With Us

by Jessica Matsumoto on

Land Rover released a new online builder (right here) for their new Range Rover Sport and I was given the task of testing it out. On the first page, I was presented with four Range Rover Sport builds: the basic SE, the HSE, the higher end Supercharged, and the top tier Autobiography. Since cost isn’t an option here in imagination land, I chose the Autobiography package for my Sport.

After perusing 18 colors, I decided on Barossa – a deep plum/eggplant color that I found bold without being too egregious. Also, I like purple. For the interior, I chose a simple silver and black palette, although the Autobiography comes in over twenty interior color combinations. For those who are design-challenged, Land Rover will recommend interiors based on your exterior choices.

Land Rover is known for moderate opulence, so there are a ton of impractical but totally awesome features. Some accessories I decided to splurge on were the coat hanger (I have an affinity for blazers) and the rechargeable flashlight (I use my glove compartment to store unpaid parking tickets). Speaking of parking, I also opted for the Parallel Park Assist. While I am a self-professed master at parallel parking, I decided to fulfill my juvenile love of self-driving cars.

I also splurged on the Meridian Signature 3D Audio System, a 1700 watt/23 speaker surround sound experience. Having ridden in many vacuous SUVs, I appreciate a good sound system to break the deafening silence.

I decided to opt out of a couple of features, like the smoker’s package (I don’ t smoke) and the personalized illuminated treadplates (I don’t need to be reminded of my name.)

All in all, my lovely little plum blossom ended up costing $105,350, more or less – $12,055 over the $93,295 base price.

Oh well, thanks for the work diversion, Land Rover.


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