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2014 Shelby Raptor: First Look

by Ryan ZumMallen on

What horror hath the 2014 Shelby Raptor wrought? We’ll find out soon enough, as the 575-horsepower Raptor-on-Creatine debuted this week at the New York Auto Show and will be available soon.

As if the 2013 Ford Raptor pickup weren’t already extreme enough, the iconic motorsports house of the late Carroll Shelby is now offering a pumped-up version that will be tearing through a desert near you in no time. For $17,995, plus the price of a Ford Raptor, Shelby will built you the pickup of your dreams in a less-than-subtle livery. Just show us where to sign.

Power has been upgraded through a variety of Shelby aftermarket products, just like the ones that have powered victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and drag strips around the world for the last fifty years.

For the Shelby Raptor, that means a Shelby/Whipple supercharger and Shelby Stinger exhaust tacked onto the stock 6.2L V8 engine. Side fender heat extractors are attached because they’re functional but mostly because they look super awesome.

The changes continue on the inside, too. Custom boost and fuel pressure gauges are installed, surrounded by a custom Shelby leather interior. Owners can also choose to add several options like wheels and tires, a roof light bar, front and rear bumpers and more – all Shelby customs, of course.

The genius of the Ford Raptor is that is brought the fun of off-roading and dune-running to the general public, pumping batches of testosterone into the pickup segment. What the Shelby Raptor does is take that, blow on the dice and bet it all on seven. Making driving enthusiasm more accessible is the name of the game these days, and the Shelby Raptor is the perfect posterchild.


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