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2014 Ford F-150 Tremor First Look

by Michael Wood on

Ford is preparing to roll out a new type of F-150 for the modern day. In a world where you see just as many of the iconic F-150s parked around office parks and city centers as you do on dirt roads and in small towns, Ford has recognized the need for trucks built for an urban environment. The new F-150 Tremor promises to balance fuel economy, comfort and utility all while sporting a fantastic redesign that separates it from most other trucks on the road today.

The iconic F-150 is now being fitted with Ford's popular EcoBoost engine which has been known to increase fuel economy by a significant 20%, all the while maintaining the feel of a gas guzzler. Ford brags that the new F-150 Tremor offers V8 performance with V6 fuel economy. With a promising 365 horsepower and twin independent timing variable camshafts, the 3.5L engine brings many hefty promises to the table, but with Ford's honest efforts to redesign its cars with fuel economy as a primary goal in recent years, it's doubtful that they would disappoint with the new F-150.

Special attention is being paid to style and features meant to appeal to an urban market. The FX Appearance package offers stylish black accents on the truck exterior and 20-inch flat black wheels that are fit to impress wherever you go. Equipped with amenities such as the futuristic Microsoft Sync media system popular in late model Fords, bucket seats, black leather upholstery and brushed metal accents, the new F-150 is positioning itself to blur the line between utility and luxury. If it walks that line carefully, success is nearly a guarantee.

There is no need to fret, however, if you see F-150s as work vehicles. Ford has worked hard to pay attention to its devoted F-150 customer base who see the trucks as the perfect solution for practical uses. The Microsoft Sync powered entertainment console has been designed to be used with work gloves on with attention paid to climate controls and audio favorites; two things many who are on the job would want the easiest access to when on the road.

The new 2014 F-150 Tremor represents an honest attempt by Ford to impress and woo the new markets for their iconic truck, including people more concerned with comfort, technology, fuel economy and style than before. In the effort to impress this new market, Ford has not abandoned its tried and true diehards, by not skimping on the utility of the F-150 Tremor which is laden with just enough from both worlds to ensure that comfort does not come at the cost of utility.


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