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Volkswagen Seeks Smiles In New Super Bowl Commercial (VIDEO)

by James Deaton on

The newest Volkswagen commercial that’s heading for the airwaves during Super Bowl XLVII is available now on YouTube, and it doesn’t show one Volkswagen the entire time.

The new ad follows last year’s Volkswagen plug entitled, “The Bark Side,” which also featured no vehicle whatsoever. Instead, just a chorus of dogs, barking out the “The Imperial March” theme from Star Wars.

So, buy a Volkswagen... right. Got it.

This year, VW continues their ‘no-car’ form of automotive advertising with, “The Sunny Side,” in which Jamaican musician Jimmy Cliff sings out a the provocative message for all to ‘get happy.' Meanwhile, viral videos depicting spontaneous crying outbursts play in between clips of rage-driven, emotional hissy fits from the likes of gaming and national sports figures.

The warm and squishy climax is reached when all of the video performers come out from their videos and into the golden, grass field of “today,” where they gather around Jimmy, his voice still carrying its caribbean influenced siren song, and display for the audience that they, smiling brightly, have succumbed to the ‘get happy’ stupor.

So, buy a Volkswagen... right. Got it.

Game day (Feb. 3) is just around the corner and commercials are quoted to cost a record $4 million for a single 30-second time slot.

So Volkswagen must know what they’re doing. They’re paying millions just for a chance to publicize their brand, yet, choosing not to display the one thing that they wish to actually sell.

This ‘no-car’ advertisement method shows the intention to connect with consumers on some other, maybe more personal level, rather than the general, “create excitement over our low pricing, brand quality, new options, stylish design,” etc.

People talk about Super Bowl commercials almost as much as the game. Local and national news stations will recap the commercials. Some may even be the big topic around the water cooler come Monday.

Whatever effect this new commercial might have upon the VW consumer demographic, well, we’ll just wait until we see some quarterly sales figures before we make that call. If Volkswagen is lucky, sports fans on Super Bowl Sunday will identify with the pop-culture use of viral videos and appreciate the fact that it’s something different than “just another car commercial.”


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