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VIDEO: Can The Fisker Karma Survive A Room of Design Students?

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Strictly from a design standpoint, the Fisker Karma is an aesthetic exercise in an age where few cars make beauty such a high priority. But we wondered how it would survive a critique session from the most discerning people in the business: Design students. Watch our exclusive video to find out.

Design students are taught to identify imperfections. If you design a beautiful car but overlook one awkward angle or line, they’ll find it. While road testing a Fisker Karma recently, we decided to bring it to the campus of California State University of Long Beach for the ultimate challenge. Would the pièce de résistance of famed designer Henrik Fisker pass muster under the watch of these future auto artists?

The Fisker Karma has its issues, no doubt, but its design is truly unique and downright breathtaking from some angles. Concessions must be made when you’re determined to build a four-door electric-hybrid sports car, but all in all, the Fisker Karma is a major design achievement.

The bulging hood conjures up muscle car curves and the front fascia makes it clear that Fisker has spent a bulk of his career working on high-end European marques like Aston Martin. It manages to work the four-door coupe style like nothing before it, thanks to a very short roof and giant 22-inch wheels that bookend the gleaming silver body. Fascinating design cues can be found throughout, from the small but lovely rear window to the side exhaust exit pipes.

But there are also questionable decisions, and the students picked up on several and pointed out a few new ones. The things they noticed, and the things they liked and disliked about the Karma, may surprise you. We can’t wait to bring another car back to CSULB for another critique.


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