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Toyota RAV4 Makes Wishes Come True In Super Bowl Commercial

by Jessica Matsumoto on

Wish you were taller, a baller, or have a ’64 Impala? Well, Toyota wants you to forget those muscle car dreams and hopes to grant your SUV wishes with its new RAV4 Super Bowl commercials.

Featuring Kaley Cuoco, an adorable Chihuahua, and the ubiquitous 1995 hip-hop hit “I Wish,” Toyota released two commercials that preview the fourth generation RAV4 (read our review here). The “Big Bang Theory” star plays a sarcastic, snapping RAV4 Genie in the pair of humorous ads.

The first spot introduces a purple bedecked Cuoco as the RAV4 Genie. She pops in her earbuds blasting the one-hit wonder and begins walking down a city block with her faithful dog in tow. With a single snap of her finger, she grants random pedestrians the wishes mentioned in the Skee-Lo song. An average-sized guy grows to gargantuan proportions, a furniture mover becomes a talented basketball player, and a lonely guy finds a gorgeous (and interested) girl on his lap. The Genie climbs in the redesigned RAV4 and is casually greeted by the second to last wish – a rabbit in a hat with a bat. The odd couple drives away, surrounded by the RAV4 Genie’s handy work.

The second spot features the RAV4 Genie granting a suburban family wishes we’d all probably wish. In sitcom fashion, the father becomes the comedic fool. The Genie misinterprets the dowdy dad’s first wish and removes the RAV4’s spare tire rather than his personal “excess baggage.” The other family members proceed to wish for talking animals, no consequences chocolate consumption, becoming royalty, and being orbit bound rocketmen. As expected, the father’s second wish for “infinite wishes” is misinterpreted, and a herd of flying witches swoops in. Patting his potbelly, he meekly requests his first wish. The Genie abides and with a snap, we see the sweat banded dad jogging behind the RAV4 Genie – her bereted dog growling at his heels.

It is unknown whether Cuoco will continue her role as the RAV4 Genie, particularly considering her $300,000 per episode paycheck for “Big Bang Theory.”  For now, we can only wish she will.


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