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Starting Grid: What Does A New Chairman Mean For Toyota?

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Welcome to the Starting Grid, where we start your day off right with the biggest news in the auto industry, such as a new Toyota chairman and much more on this Monday morning.

Pole Position – The Hybrid Chairman: Multiple outlets are reporting that Toyota Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada may be confirmed as the next Chairman very soon. But as Bertel Schmitt from The Truth About Cars explains, choosing the EV critic could lead Toyota down the wrong path if the hybrid market wanes. [TTAC]

Front Row – Celebs to Cars: Have you ever wondered what kind of car you would be, if you were a car? I’d be Ford Mustang Boss 302, since I’m making the rules here. Anyway, the Detroit Free Press put together a list matching new car debuts to their celebrity doppelgangers, although we’re not sure how the 2014 Corvette Stingray would manage to take its shirt off every time it’s around a camera. [Freep]

Third Position – Rolls-Royce Wraith: Reviving a hallowed name within the marque, Rolls-Royce is preparing to debut a new model called the Wraith. It will be a two-door version of the smaller Ghost sedan. [AutoWeek]

Fourth Position – The Bavarian Bobsled, 'Mon: Already a prominent force in motorsports from DTM to Dakar, BMW is taking a new leap into competition these days. Designers from the BMW studio in California built a wild new bobsled for the USA men’s team, and the crew and vessel took 14 th place in Austria over the weekend. Needs more air intakes, we think. [LAT]

Safety Car – Toyota Surpasses GM Today in 2009: The unthinkable happened four years ago today, when Toyota claimed the distinction of World’s Largest Automaker from General Motors, and it wasn’t really close. GM had fallen on hard times and Toyota was ahead of the curve with small, efficient vehicles. Toyota ran into trouble shortly after, and GM regained the title, but Toyota took it back again recently and doesn’t look eager to fall back into second anytime soon.

Video of the Day – Racing in Slow Motion IV: Two and-a-half minutes of the fastest racecars in the world moving in super-slow motion. Why are you even reading this sentence?


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