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Starting Grid: Dodge Dart Getting New 2.4L Engine

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Welcome to the Starting Grid, where we start your day off right with the biggest news in the auto industry, such as a new Dodge Dart engine and much more on this Friday morning.


Pole Position – New Dart Engine: Despite a lot of hype and mostly positive reviews, sales of the Dodge Dart have not been impressive. Part of the problem may be the powerplant, so Chrysler is cutting back production of their 1.4L FIRE engine and will introduce a new 2.4L to hopefully kick-start their sales. [Freep]

Front Row – More Beauty on the Block: The auction economy seems to be booming these days, after the incredible success of the Batmobile and Corvette Stingray last weekend. That means the big guns are coming out, with several auctions coming up that will feature drop-dead gorgeous cars from the likes of Talbot and Ferrari. Grab your checkbook. [WSJ]

Third Position – Talking Cars Good For Buses: Cars that can communicate with each other may seem a little too Big Brother for your tastes, but The Atlantic today makes an interesting argument for the technology with a surprising main character: Buses. Check out the article with maps and videos supporting their case. [Atlantic]

Fourth Position – What GM Missed About The Corvette: Nothing gets our mornings started like rant from Peter DeLorenzo, and this one is a doozy. DeLorenzo rails against the new Corvette Stingray – he even fit the words “comical,” “pathetic” and “sad” into the same sentence – and lays out an alternative outline for its future to save the car. We can get behind that Chapparal, for sure. What do you think? [AutoExtremist]

Safety Car – FIAT Maven Dies On This Day In 2003: Gianni Agnelli, grandson of the founder of FIAT, passed away on this day ten years ago, after taking his family company and turning it into an international automotive conglomerate that today is one of the largest in the world. He also lived one hell of a life. Click through for the whole story. [History]

Video of the Day – All Hail Stirling Moss: It’s not exactly breaking news that Stirling Moss is one of the coolest people to ever live. But this documentary, made by actor Patrick Stewart, is an incredible look into his zest and passion for life that deserves a look from every automotive fan. The moment where the two, knighted men meet and greet each other as “Sir Patrick” and “Sir Stirling” makes the movie all by itself.


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