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Starting Grid: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Debuting at Geneva

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Welcome to the Starting Grid, where we start your day off right with the biggest news in the auto industry, such as the coming debut of the 2014 Corvette convertible and much more on this Wednesday morning.

Pole Position – Topless Stingray On The Way: The debut of the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette happened only two weeks ago, yet the world has already turned its attention toward the coming convertible version. The Corvette Stingray convertible will debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March, and could be in U.S. dealerships by the end of the year. [AutoNews]

Front Row – Can Euro Laws Help Reduce U.S. Traffic Deaths? Self-driving cars are on the way, but until they get here, the U.S. could really use some help reducing traffic fatalities. Many European countries have laws in place that they believed had helped reduce deaths in accidents. Could the U.S. adopt some of them to keep people safe in the event of a crash? [CarConnection]

Third Position – Inside the Mazda Diesel Racing ProgramMazda is promoting its new diesel-powered Mazda6 with much fanfare and a racing program, but had embarrassing results at the 24 Hours of Daytona over the weekend. Still, the future is bright, and Car And Driver explains why in this in-depth examination of the diesel racecar. [CD]

Fourth Position – Toyota Wins Korean Award to Hyundai’s Dismay: Car Of The Year awards are important, but no one cries over them or anything. Or do they? Hyundai leaders protested vehemently after they were tipped off that the Toyota Camry would win the 2013 Korean Car Of The Year award. Last time I checked the Hyundai lineup, I didn't see any that ran on sour grapes. [TTAC]

Safety Car – Hybrid MPG Figures Not Lining Up: MPG figures are a funny thing, because they can only provide an estimate or, at best, an average fuel economy prediction. That doesn’t take your driving style into account, and it’s mainly up to you how your car performs. That said, owners of hybrid vehicles are increasingly finding themselves disappointed in their investment. [WSJ]

Video of the Day – Vintage Ferrari 250 GTO Playdate: Young actors tooling around Southern California in their Ferraris is nothing new. But this footage, of young actors tooling around in their brand new Ferrari 250 GTOs back at Willow Springs Raceway in the 1960s, is something very special and rare indeed. Enjoy.


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