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Pricing Revealed for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, SRT and Diesel

by James Deaton on

Pricing on the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee made an appearance online recently, and it’s looking like it will cost more this year.

Since the debut of the 2014 Grand Cherokee at the North American International Auto Show (story here), the last question left on everyone’s mind has been, how much will it and the new diesel variant cost?

It has been confirmed by a Jeep representative that the base price for the Laredo is $29,790 (increase of $1,100 over the 2013 model), the Limited is at $36,790, Overland at $43,990, Summit at $48,990 and the suave and speedy (and pricey!) SRT at $62,995.

For Jeep’s new 240-hp, 3.0L EcoDiesel V-6, add an extra $4,500 to any model except the Laredo, which doesn’t look like it will offer the diesel option.

Now, these prices are only for the two-wheel drive models...

Add $2,000 for four-wheel drive on the Laredo and Limited, add $3,000 for four-wheel drive on the Overland and Summit.

Wanna get every one of the available, fun upgrades and options while you’re at it? Add another $6,000 to the bill.

Jeep has added quite a few features to the Grand Cherokee this year, which might explain the price increase, like the eight-speed automatic transmission, exterior style modifications, standard dual exhaust tips, a bigger rear spoiler, the diesel option and increased towing potential from all of the available engine choices.

So, if you’re excited about JGC, now seems like a good time to ask your boss for a raise.


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