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Porsche 918 Spyder Price Starts at Whopping $845,000

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Technology don’t come cheap, and the Porsche 918 Hybrid is proof positive, as the automaker has confirmed the supercar will be priced from $845,000.

Porsche released pricing for their full range of U.S. vehicles earlier this week, with a list that included their more affordable cars like the Boxster, Cayman and Cayenne. Way down there on the bottom of the pricing list, sat the 918 Hybrid and its monstrous pricetag.

Buying a Porsche for Ferrari Enzo-esque prices may seem ludicrous, but the Porsche 918 is a technological marvel that could change supercars forever. As we explained in this edition of Pop The Hood last summer, the 918 Spyder mates a 570-horsepower V8 engine to two electric motors attached to each set of wheels. Combined, the car will produce in the neighborhood of 770 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft of torque. A massive pack of battery cells and regenerative braking will help fuel efficiency, and the 918 Spyder could potentially be a very green supercar, indeed.

That technology took years to develop and implement, accounting for the hedge fund MSRP. If that doesn't sound extreme enough for you, Porsche will also offer a Weissach Package for a meager $929,000. That option will lower the weight of the 918 Spyder by about 77 lbs., improving performance in the process.

Awfully rich, indeed. While it doesn't quite reach the $1 million threshold, as some had feared, the price of the Porsche 918 Spyder will put it amongst the rarest supercars in the world like the Pagani Huayra and Koenigsegg Agera. By this time next year, both the Ferrari F150 and McLaren P1 will be available to the one-percent of one-percenters as well.

Can the 918 Spyder compete with a surprisingly crowded hypercar market? Jack Baruth of The Truth About Cars seems to think that Porsche is shooting too high. Though he does have a personal grudge against the automaker at the moment, he also makes some great points and provides some hilarious alternatives for things you can buy for around $900k.

That doesn't mean we don’t want one, though.


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