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McLaren P1 Spits Fire In New Video

by Ryan ZumMallen on

If you loved the McLaren P1 hypercar based off its recent auto show appearances, wait until you see this new video of the P1 during track day testing.

Just by looking at photos, it was easy to tell that the McLaren P1 was going to be a star on the track. Now, we finally have video evidence to prove it. McLaren has released new photos and a sonorous video showing the P1 stretching its awesome legs on a circuit.

Still covered in prototype camouflage, the McLaren P1 roars around the track like a lion with a megaphone. No one will provide details on the engine, but rumors have pegged it as a V12 potentially pushing 800 horsepower. The way the P1 seems like it was born to be throttle-blipped, we wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s not just that one car, either. McLaren is running a host of P1 prototypes, around the clock, on racetracks all over the world to fine-tune the monster before it finally reaches production spec. When you’re aiming for big dogs like the new Ferrari F150 and Porsche 918 Spyder – and their extremely well-off clientele – you can’t afford to have any discernible faults.

McLaren knows this, and they’ve called in the big guns for help. The P1 will be outfitted with Akebono brakes, Pirelli high performance tires and Mobil 1 cooling systems. This all sounds well and good, but it makes us wonder again about the engine.  Will it by developed in-house, like the twin-turbo V8 in their MP4-12C? Or will it be contracted out to Mercedes AMG, like the hallowed McLaren F1?

Expect to see much more of the McLaren P1 when it makes another appearance at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March.


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