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Illegal GPS, McQueen GT40 Up for Auction, and More in Car News This Week

by Jerry Smith on

Depending on where you live, that full-featured GPS stuck on the inside of your windshield might have one feature you might not like—the ability to get you cited for driving with an obstructed view. Laws vary from state to state, but at least 25 prohibit windshield mounts, and if you happen to be driving through one of them on your way to your vacation destination, your GPS could lead you straight to traffic court.

Steve McQueen has been dead for 32 years and he’s still cooler than you are. This guy not only made movies and raced cars, he made Le Mans, one of the best movies ever made about racing cars, and used a Ford GT40 as a camera car for the film. That GT40 is going on the auction block during this year’s Pebble Beach Concours, August 17-18. The car was raced at Le Mans and Daytona before changing careers in 1970. It was restored in 2000. Another GT40 going under the gavel at the same auction is expected to sell for as much as $2.7 million.

The 2012 BMW 3 Series sedan goes from zero to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds, or a little longer than it takes to read this sentence. A 5.9-second video about one man’s desire to own a 3 Series won Earl Duque of Los Angeles his very own 2012 3 Series. Duque’s video was picked as the winner in the “0 to Desir3 in 5.9 Seconds” contest. Here’s the video, and a “making of” video at

If you secretly think motorcycle riders are having more fun than you, you’re right. June 18 is International Ride to Work Day, and here’s how the two-wheel world is spreading the news.

Since the Iron Curtain fell, Russians have been introduced to a number of Western innovations. The pet carrier, however, has yet to make the crossing.

Maxwell Smart had the shoe phone. Now meet the shoe car, an EV with a top speed of 18 mph and a range of 186 miles. It was built by Chinese footwear company AoKang, which plans to make a total of 40 examples, two of which—a left and a right—will be bought by Shaquille O’Neal and used as roller skates.