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Four Audi TDI Diesel Models To Make U.S. Debut In 2013

by Ryan ZumMallen on

Ford isn’t the only automaker to announce big changes to their U.S. engine lineups today, as Audi has announced they will offer their award-winning TDI diesel engines in four models beginning this Spring.

During the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS archive here) next week, Audi will present four distinct TDI clean diesel engines that will find their way to U.S. dealerships beginning Spring 2013. The A8 TDI will go on sale then, followed by the A7 TDI, A6 TDI and Q5 TDI later in the Fall.

Those four will join the Q7 TDI, already on sale in the U.S. as a $52,000 SUV offering an EPA rating of 19/28 MPG, impressive for such a large vehicle.

Audi expects the TDI engines to offer significant fuel economy improvements along with powerful torque, as diesel engines are wont to do, hopefully capturing the attention of the U.S. public that is wary of diesel. But as gas prices continue to hover around $3.50 per gallon across the nation, and CAFE regulations stipulate a 54.5 MPG fleetwide mandate by 2025, the time is right for both dealer and customer to explore alternative fuel options.

Ford is doing it with a turbo three-cylinder (more on that here), BMW is bringing several diesel models of their own (more on that here) and Audi will try its hand with its advanced TDI system. Both engines are wildly popular around the world, but shunned for decades by an American public obsessed with massive displacement and encouraged by affordable gas.

The U.S. is being forced to catch up with the rest of the world now, and the introduction of the TDI engines may prove that the future may not be so bad, after all.


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