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Five Auto Tumblrs We Like This Week: Hot Wheels & Cold Locales

by Jessica Matsumoto on

People who say that young people aren’t into cars are just plain wrong, and the micro-blogging site Tumblr is proof – here are five auto-themed Tumblr pages we really like this week.


HW Automotive: If the Hot Wheels from your youth grew up, went to design school, and now wore chic Robert Marc specs, you’d have HW Automotive. From past prototypes to present day pacers, this tumblr is filled with beautifully shot autos. Our faves are the Fiat Topolino x-ray diagram and the cherry red Alfa Romeo 2uettotanta concept. [HotVVheels]

Mecanicien: What drives you better than a well-oiled machine? Well, Mecanicien provides that and a few other well-oiled bits of eye-candy.  There are Fords and femmes, Porsches and princesses, Bugattis and belles – did we mention there are a lot of pretty girls in this blog? If you like your ladies hot and your cars hotter, Mecanicien is the tumblr for you. [Mecanicien]

Asphalt Heritage Club: Viewing the Asphalt Heritage Club feels exclusive without an outrageous membership fee. While it’s mostly a bevy of beautiful Beamers, there are also Porsches, Peugeots, and other pretties. We thank you, AHC, and raise a glass of Castrol to toast a rich heritage. [AsphaltHeritage]

Swiss Stash: Coming from Switzerland way, here is a tumblr that presents all things delightfully designed. Currently, the author is taking a snow filled road trip through the Alps and photo documenting his journey. There are vintage Land Rovers, not-so-vintage Mini Coopers, and other lovelies along the way. The rest of the blog features fancy Ferraris, regal Renaults, and even a classic Citroen van. It’s a stash worth savoring. [SwissStash]

Laurent Nivalle: Speaking of Citroen, this tumblr bears the name of creative photographer for the French automaker -- Laurent Nivalle. From grimy garages to colorful catwalks, Nivalle is comfortable capturing moments in any environment. However, we particularly love his growing “Men’s Cars Series,” which shows owners with such classics like Porsche 911 2.2T Targa and Chevrolet El Camino 350. However, the ads for the Citroen are the most striking. After viewing artfully shot sequences of the new DS5 and the Numero 9, what can we can say, Citroen? Like Virginia Slims, you’ve come a long way, baby. [LaurentNivalle]


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