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Five Auto Tumblrs We Like This Week: Aspiring Designers & Luxury Life

by Jessica Matsumoto on

People who say that young people aren’t into cars are just plain wrong, and the micro-blogging site Tumblr is proof – here are five auto-themed Tumblr pages we really like this week.


Nirsiegel: See a master (in training) at work. Nir Siegel is a vehicle designer finishing his MA Vehicle Design degree at the Royal College of Art in London, and you can watch his artistic process unfold on his tumblr. If this is what the automotive future holds for us, we can’t wait. [NirSiegel]

CarPr0n: Looking for some hot car-on-car action? Well, look somewhere else, weirdo. This is Carpr0n, a new tumblr that has some sexy images of some sexy autos. We found ourselves salivating at the playful Ferraris racing and the gone-but-not-forgotten TVR Tuscan. Turn the lights down low and grab your Pennzoil. We won’t tell your mom. [CarPr0n]

F*** Yeah The Better Life: Aptly titled, this tumblr displays the luxuries in life that few will ever possess, namely amazing cars, awesome gadgets, and alluring women. Maybachs and models? Sigh. I guess we’ll keep dreamin’ and tumblin’. [FYeahBetterLife]

F*** Yeah Lotus: Another appropriately titled tumblr that is self-explanatory. This tumblr celebrates Lotus in the best way possible – by showing tons of dead sexy pictures of its brood. From the Elite, to the Europa, to the Elise, we’re left with another “e” word on our minds – “exquisite.”  Lotus fan or not, after a few minutes of Lotus looking, you’ll be saying “F*** yeah, Lotus,” like the rest of us. [FYeahLotus]

Automotivated: With regards to New Year’s resolutions, we all wish we could be more motivated. “Automotivated?” No struggling here. With an impressive array of vehicles, Automotivated is the perfect tumblr to look forward to in the morning, unlike that five-mile, 5:00am sprint you swore you’d do. [AutoMotivated]


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