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First Look: BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept

by Ryan ZumMallen on

A new contender has been added to the mid-range luxury coupe slate, as the BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept made its debut this week. BMW decided to replace the 3-Series coupe with a new, distinct model to battle the rising sales of the Audi A5 and others.

They call it a concept, but the only thing conceptual about the BMW 4-Series is that you’re not driving it right now. The 4-Series will become a reality next year, and while BMW haven’t released engine specs or pricing yet, you can bet that it will pack a punch under the hood and inside your wallet (BMW uses even-numbered models to denote increased sportiness and exclusivity). One thing we know for sure is it looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Of course, to do that, BMW made the 4-Series larger in almost every single dimension. Compared to the outgoing 3-Series Coupe, the 4-Series is longer, wider and shorter. That makes for beautiful proportions, but you’re driving less of a sporty coupe and more of a beautiful bruiser.

Model bloat is a very real epidemic in the automotive world these days, with crash standards and government intervention regulating their size and shape in the name of safety. Hey, if they have to make it bigger, the least they can do is make it pretty.

BMW designed the 4-Series to have flowing lines that accentuate the long bonnet and broad stance, with side intakes that function as oil and brake cooling but also add extra athleticism to the look. Up front, the familiar kidney grilles are actually blocked off, just one of many steps that BMW took to ensure greater fuel economy. Air released from the side intakes will also flow over the wheel arches, reducing drag.

Purists will decry the addition of a new model, but automakers today need to diversify and differentiate their lineup in pursuit of increased sales and profits. Audi has made a meteoric rise by offering slightly different vehicles to form a spectrum with something for everyone. Shoot, even Porsche has bought into the game. BMW couldn’t stick to their old horses forever, and there are probably more newcomers on the horizon. It’s happening, and all things considered, the new 4-Series Coupe Concept isn’t a bad way to start.

We’ll learn much more about the upcoming BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept as it begins to make the auto show rounds, so stay tuned for more information as its released.


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