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First Look: 2014 Ferrari F150, The New Enzo

by James Deaton on

If someone told you Ferrari was releasing an F150, you might think of a certain Ford truck in fire red with scissor doors, a V12 engine and air scoops dashing up the sides. Could this be the ultimate dream vehicle for all the ranch-owning, rodeo-going, Italian-favoring cowboy millionaires out there? Nah.

The name is totally unrelated to the American truck model, and instead is the next generation Ferrari Enzo supercar. Ferrari teased their new F150 (a car, repeat, a Ferrari car) in the December 2012 issue of Ferrari magazine, and also revealed a few new details.

So far, we know the latest Ferrari will feature a 6.3L V12 HY-KERS engine and pump out at least 800hp. The car’s body will be constructed of a carbon fiber monocoque that will mimic the construction of a Formula 1 racecar. Other similar racecar features include each F150 being customized to fit the would-be driver, which means a static chair position with dialed-in pedal and steering wheel adjustment.

It shares the 104.3-inch wheelbase and 47.8-inch height found in the 458 Italia, while the interior will additionally be fully customized around its purchaser.

Ferrari may decide to bring out this hot, new model in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Pricetag? Think in the range between the $660,000 Enzo and, well, a lot.


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