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DIY Corner: CV Joint Maintenance And Replacement

by Jim Smart on

Constant velocity universal joints are one of those maintenance issues we rarely think about – until they start making noise. And when they start making noise, it is one of those things we’d like to turn up the sound and forget about. Though CV joints are intimidating, they’re easy to troubleshoot and fix. Ignore them and it can bite you in terms of safety and reliability.

Maintaining CV Joint Integrity - Checklist

  • Whenever you have regular service performed meaning oil and filter change and chassis lubrication, check CV joint boot integrity.
  • Replace boots and/or CV joints at the first sign of a tear
  • Easiest indication of a boot tear is grease slung all over your vehicle’s underpinnings and transaxle
  • Best time to replace CV joints and half shafts is when you do a brake job or any front end chassis work
  • Whenever you change CV joints and half shafts, consider a complete front suspension rebuild including struts - for the ultra-smooth and quiet ride

For a more detailed look at CV Joint replacement and maintenance for the DIY mechanic, go to: CV Joint Service & Replacement


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