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Australians Set Guinness Record For Most Simultaneous Burnouts

by James Deaton on

In The Land Down Under, sixty nine suped-up custom cars revved before 10,000 Fosters-fueled, drag race fans to collectively burn rubber and singe nostrils to set a Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous burnout to date.

The loud, smoke-spewing, middle-finger-to-mother-nature burned a total of 138 tires (or “tyres” per Aussie spelling) and cranked out about 35,000 horsepower for 30 seconds. An enormous plume of white, orange and red smoke was sanctimoniously spun into the air thanks to specially designed burnout tires equipped on a few vehicles.

Organizers spent six months in preparation for the big day on January 4, and hoped at least 50 participating cars would hold on long enough to break the previously set world record of 49 vehicles simultaneously burning out. The feat was accomplished and the record set with 30 tires blown out in the process.

Similarly, the record for the most simultaneous donuts was also completed in Australia with 57 cars spinning around in circles at the same time. The record for one vehicle performing the most consecutive donuts was also set in Australia with a whopping 64, back-to-back, 360 degree spins.

Australians are big on setting records lately, as was proven last fall when a man there set the record for the longest gaming marathon with 135 hours clocked in playing Black Ops II.

My American countrymen, I urge upon you that we can break all these records if we put our differences aside and focus on being better than everyone at everything like we used to. Pride, dedication, irreverent title holding; let’s get down to business and get ourselves to the top of the list. Can I get a hallelujah? Amen.


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