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Audi Super Bowl Commercial Packs A Punch (VIDEO)

by Jessica Matsumoto on

If you were anything like me, your high school prom was a hot double date with some Pocky and an XBox. Despite my lackluster prom experience, I did find myself smiling a little at Audi's most recent Super Bowl spot.

In what is destined to become a car commercial classic, the Audi S6 advert tells the classic “revenge of the nerd” story. An unpopular teen, headed off alone to prom, is handed the keys to a brand new Audi S6 by the coolest, most reckless dad in the world. Inspired by a limo filled with jubilant, prom-bound teens and the primal roar of S6’s V8, the kid decides that tonight is the night to break all social rules. He parks the S6 in principal’s spot, coolly walks into the streamer and balloon filled gymnasium, and grabs the prom queen to him for a passionate kiss.

In typical coming-of-age comedic form, the muscle-bound prom king objects to the kid’s deviation from the high school social hierarchy and gives him a brutal shiner. Remembering only the breathlessness of the surprised prom queen, the kid drives away smiling in the S6 – wearing his black eye like a badge of honor.

The Audi S6 spot fulfills every former awkward kid’s fantasy. However, part of me was expecting the prom queen to deliver the knuckle sandwich to the bold kid. Yes, Audi, confidence is attractive. Condoning grabbing ladies in dark rooms and forcing oneself on them? Well, that’s a topic for a whole different article. But as a high school horror who wishes she had a cool dad with an even cooler car, I’ll let this one slide, Audi.


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