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2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition: First Look

by Adam Burpee on

Nissan has been on it’s A-game at the Chicago Auto Show this year, unveiling the new GT-R Track Edition.

Only 150 will be intended for U.S. sales, making it the most exclusive Nissan GT-R model. It should be arriving in American dealerships this May, so prepare yourself for its intense performance upgrades to main components including the suspension, brakes, spoiler, and air ducts.

The already advanced 4-wheel independent suspension has been updated even more for the Track Edition. It will feature Bilstein DampTronic gas pressure shock absorbers and better spring rates. Much of the development of this new suspension system happened on the Nurburgring track by Toshio Suzuki, one of the GT-R development drivers.

With the VR38DETT V6 engine that produces 545 horsepower and 462 lb.-ft of torque, the GT-R is no joke. The engine will feature an aluminum nameplate with the name of the specialty worker that hand-built that specific engine. New fuel injectors improve torque response between 4,500 and 6,000 rpm and acceleration at mid and high rpm ranges. An additional feature for the 6-speed manual transmission is the Hill Start assist, which make uphill starts easy.

The GT-R’s new interior does not include a rear seat, which is instead replaced with lightweight quilted cloth mats. Its front seats are made of a special blue-trimmed high grip leather and fabric. The tachometer is mounted front and center, as is the metallic center console with the push start button and the shift lever. Also included in the center console is a videogame-styled display with information on acceleration, braking and pedal pressure, steering angle, and other useful information.

Lastly, the GT-R Track Edition feature a lightweight carbon fiber rear spoiler and RAYS lightweight wheels with run-flat sport tires. Although there are only 150 units headed to America, and just five color options: Deep Blue Pearl, Jet Black, Solid Red, Gun Metal, and Pearl White.


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