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2013 Ford SVT Raptor Makes A Crash Landing (VIDEO)

by Jessica Matsumoto on

Want to fly like an eagle? Well, if you want a soft landing, don’t do it in a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

Seen in a YouTube video that is quickly going viral, two self-described “rednecks with paychecks” decide to give the truck an aerial test drive. Starting at a little over $43,000, the Ford SVT Raptor is an expensive off-roading experiment.

The Ford SVT Raptor soars like its namesake but falls like a stone. Racing towards a dirt ramp at 60 mph, it launches 90 feet into the air. At that moment, it almost seems like the Ford truck is going to make it somewhat unscathed. However, when the Raptor lands, there is a severe crunching sound and the airbags deploy.

Once the dust settles, the damage is visible. The front right tire is destroyed, the side panel is crunched, and most notably the front axle is toast.

Not surprisingly, the occupants are also a little worse for wear. The passenger stumbles out of the truck’s cabin, dazed but not visibly injured. However, the driver does not follow his companion out of the Raptor. Inevitably, the paramedics make an appearance.

In the slow motion replay, we see the Raptor had a good, centered launch. However, as the truck sailed back to the ground, the truck’s right front bumper begins to tip forward, unbalancing the vehicle.

Lesson learned from this endeavor? No matter how rugged the truck may look off the assembly line, leave the extreme sports to those specially modified for the flight.


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