Automotive Heater/Defroster Install

Automotive Heater/Defroster Install

Installing a low-cost heater/defroster

Maybe it's because we're spoiled from driving our comfortable and reliable late-model vehicles, but it would be nice to have some of the creature comforts in our older, restoration project cars as well. To help make your old favorite a little cozier, here's a low-buck heater and defroster. It's fairly easy to install, works great and will fit almost any vehicle.

The Part

A little warmth and a fog-free windshield are well worth the time and money (slightly over $100) for the cost of the unit. It's called a 13,000 BTU Auxiliary Space Heater. Featuring a copper hi-temp core, plus a 6-inch diameter 4-blade fan (150 CFM), the heater runs on 12 volts and draws 1.5 amps. It actually takes up less room than many of the older factory units.

As you'll see in the accompanying photos, a bit of fabrication and custom fitting may be required, depending on the vehicle type. If you plan to add a heater into your project car early on, this will make any modifications easier. So plan ahead to stay warm.


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Automotive Heater/Defroster Install
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